Welcome to Ambrose Herbs

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A place for all things herbal. In developing high quality herbal medicine the founder (Julie Brocklesby) combines a unique knowledge of manufacturing processes and a BSc (Hons) in Herbal medicine. Ambrose herbs is committed to producing premium quality products to the high standards expected by the herbal community.

Herbal Creams

Our creams are created using freshly infused oils made on the premises using quality dried herbs. They may be combined with additional oils, essential oils or tinctures if desired.

Herbal Tinctures

Ambrose Herbs tinctures are made from premium quality plants. To create a smoother tasting more potent product a distillate/ alcohol solution is used.

Herbal Distillates

Normally an herbal water is a by-product of essential oil distillation. At Ambrose herbs our herbal distillates are uniquely created using our on-site still. The powerful distillates produced here, still retain the volatile oils.

Herbal Oils

Ambrose Herbs infuse their herbal oils using high quality plants. Sunflower oil is used to extract the herbal constituents. The resulting product can be used as a massage base oil or added to enhance a cream.