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Hello & welcome to Ambrose Herbs

Ambrose Herbs was established by Julie Brocklesby in 2019 and is the sister company to Jules Of The Earth. I studied, and received my BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine from Lincoln Uni graduating in 2017.

When I was studying my degree, I always felt the tinctures lacked body and taste. They reminded me of a cup of tea that had stewed for too long in the pot – bitter. I believed there was a better way to produce tinctures that had more feeling & depth and quite honestly tasted more like the plants they are produced from.

So I started Ambrose because of my passion for making herbal remedies taste better. I researched many different methods of producing tinctures. I experimented with the old traditional ways and the more modern ways. I fell somewhere in between the two, in what I think is medicine that not only provides a balance of the healing components but also tastes nice and has a powerful energetic magical depth to it. A respect for nature and her healing qualities.

I wanted to call this venture Ambrosia Herbs – ambrosia the food of the gods! but my friends said ambrosia was rice pudding. Who am I to argue with the gods over their favourite food, so we became Ambrose Herbs.

Natural medicine

At Ambrose Herbs, I’ve developed a number of creams, oils, tinctures, distillates, capsules and syrups. All these products use the finest ingredients sourced from local and/or organic growers.

I also craft my own infused oils and distillates, usually used in my creams and tinctures. This means that I have more control over the quality of the products that I offer.

All of my creams receive full safety assessments as per the EU Cosmetics Regulation of July 2013. I am fully insured with Public and Product Liability insurance, moreover, I have an annual inspection from Trading Standards. Ensuring my working practices, labels, and paperwork are all up to date and within the current laws and regulations.

If you have queries regarding any of our product, you can message me via my contact us page.